Karson Madden

App Development Project Manager

  • (559) 579-1400 x744

Karson was born and raised in Fresno and started making websites in high school for fun. During college, he started freelancing by making small websites for local companies. After this hobby took off, he started teaching at Bitwise in Web Development and Responsive Design. After working for a few local tech startups, he decided to take his skills to the Bay Area.

While working at HZDG, a national marketing and advertising agency, he gained valuable experience working with clients such as Discovery Channel, Hilton Hotels, VW, Philadelphia Eagles, Consumer Electronic Show, and many more. After almost 3 years in the Silicon Valley, he decided to move back to Fresno to bring his unique perspective on development and project management.

In his spare time, Karson enjoys camping at Yosemite or Pine Flat, and occasionally teaches at Bitwise to pass on his knowledge to others.

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