Fresno Networks Review / Unity IT Review

If you’re looking to grow your business, then you’re going to need an IT company. Most importantly, you’re going to need the right IT company – and that can involve searching through many options to see which is the best fit.

While BCT Consulting has been featured on INC, and voted the best IT company by The Business Journal, we understand that you might still want to consider all your options when finding the best IT company for you. One question we sometimes get is, “If we couldn’t use BCT Consulting, who would you suggest?” and to answer that tough question, we’ve put together a review of the other IT support companies in Fresno.

If you want to see all the companies that made the cut, then check out the link above. Otherwise, this particular blog post will focus on an in-depth review of Fresno Networks / Unity IT. We’ll be looking at a few areas including: basic facts, services, company culture, and customer reviews.

Fresno Networks Review: Who They Are

Fresno Networks was founded by Kip Haroldsen in 2006 as a computer repair and maintenance shop. However, contrary to popular belief, Fresno Networks is not an IT Support company. Much of the confusion stands because of the transition from Fresno Networks to Unity IT.

Leveraging a decade of relationships and business built through Fresno Networks, In 2016, Kip Haroldsen founded Unity IT, an actual IT Support company. Seeing as the Fresno Networks website has been down for months, it is safe to conclude that Unity IT replaced Fresno Networks.

Fresno Networks / Unity IT Review: What They Offer

Fresno Networks / Unity IT provide basic IT support service. Their packaged services are for IT consulting, cyber security, hourly IT support for smaller businesses, data protection and recovery services, and lastly VoIP services.

Fresno Networks Unity IT Review

Fresno Neworks / Unity IT Reviews: Company Culture

As a small, low-key company without much marketing or digital presence, it’s hard to tell what kind of culture the company has or what the employees have to say about it. However, based on customer reviews, we can only assume that it is a positive one.

Unity IT & Fresno Networks Customer Reviews:

For the most part, Unity IT / Fresno Network customers seem happy with the customer service that they receive. Unity has mostly positive reviews, with only 1 bad review from a local Google Developer Group.


Now that you’re more informed on Unity IT / Fresno Networks as a local IT company, consider what your business needs so that you can find the right IT company to team up with. As we’ve previously mentioned on our blog and product pages, the key to a great IT support experience is really the company you choose to work with. Consider the following when picking your it service provider:

  1. How established are each of the IT providers?
  2. How important is the security of your data to your employees, your customers and your company?
  3. How available do I want my IT provider to be?

While it’s just as simple for you to go with a different IT Support provider, choosing BCT Consulting as your IT company will provide you with IT Support, 24/7/365 from an industry leader. We focus on providing cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. With BCT Consulting, you’ll be spending less time managing IT and more time focusing on what matters most. With branches in Fresno, SF, Santa Monica, and Evanston, we’re able to provide you with reliable, local servicing whenever you need.

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