Case Study: GSF Properties Inc.

About GSF Properties

GSF Properties, Inc. is headquartered in Fresno, California and has been providing specialized asset management since 1994. GSF manages more than 6,000 units for nearly 40 property owners throughout California.

The Problem

GSF Properties enlisted BCT Consulting to perform an audit of its current phone system and telecommunications abilities. It was apparent to the end user that their current system was becoming outdated and not providing the advanced functionality that was being utilized by some of their competing companies. A need to allow greater integration with mobile devices and reduce overall costs was at the forefront of their concerns. The client was anxious to get the new system installed as soon as possible to begin experiencing the technical advantages as well as the monthly cost savings.

The Solution

In evaluating the client’s existing setup as well as planning for future growth and expansion a hosted cloud-based solution was agreed upon. The ability to completely control advanced inbound call routing as well as distribute voicemails via email were of particular use to the way they do business. A meeting was held to determine the programming and configuration of the new system to assist in a smooth and seamless transition. In this hosted solution all configuration is handled in advance of the install to avoid any down time. Advanced business grade Yealink phones equipped with HD voice were installed at each desk and tested. Once all physical phones were installed service was transitioned from the previous carrier to our system and service.

After the transition to the new system, several technicians stayed onsite to train users on an individual level and ensure voicemail greetings and auto attendants were recorded. The receptionist received special training to assist in an easy adjustment to the new modern system. The flexibility of the new service allowed for some additional configuration changes that were requested after using the system for a few hours to greater fit their needs.

After a complete turnkey implementation of this new telecommunication solution, GSF Properties was able to lower their monthly costs as well as take advantage of many new features available on the new system. Voicemail being delivered via company email and simultaneous ringing to cell phones allowed for faster response time to their inbound callers as well as enhanced the abilities for those working remotely outside of the office. Additional changes and expansion are not easily as their company continues to grow in size.

Technology Provided

Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone Yealink T46G

The SIP-T46G is Yealink latest revolutionary IP Phone for executive users and busy professionals. New designs appears the commerce, with highresolution TFT color display, delivering a rich visual experience.

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