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Looking for technical IT solutions and IT support?

We’ve been helping business owners in Los Angeles with IT support and technical solutions since 1996. It’s time to put an end to your technology frustrations, let BCT Consulting show you what great Los Angeles IT Support looks like.

The Top Rated IT Support Los Angeles & Technical Solutions of 2020

Los Angeles IT Support

BCT Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of technical solutions to handle your IT support challenges.

By providing you with world class IT support:


  • Save Money on Technical Solutions

    Your new IT Support Team is here to provide you with swift, efficient, and cost effective solutions to incidents, breaches and technical challenges. This will maximize your technology up-time without breaking the bank

  • Enhanced Cyber Security

    The average cyber breach can cost up to 4 million dollars for a corporation. The BCT Consulting cyber security team offers comprehensive security solutions to keep your business and data safe.

  • IT Support Compliance

    Get a comprehensive solution to meet industry compliance standards. We offer a free consultation to layout the blueprints for your technical infrastructure.

Los Angeles IT Support & Technical Solutions

  • On-Site/Off-Site Support

  • Network Design

  • Internet Monitoring and Filtering

  • Firewalls

  • Network Security

  • LAN/WAN Connectivity

  • Network Installation and Service

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Remote Access

  • Web Design/Programming

  • Mac Support

  • Internet/Intranet Consulting

  • Backup and Virus Protection

  • E-Mail and Groupware

  • HIPAA HITECH Compliance

IT Support Services With Emergency Response Times in Los Angeles

BCT Consulting understands that your business needs to stay fully functional at all times and that IT support emergencies don’t wait for convenient times to happen. That’s why our Los Angeles IT Support team provides you with real-time solutions are cost-effective and efficient. 

Easy to Use IT Support Helpdesk

IT support should makes your life easier. Enjoy 24/7/365 access to an easy to use IT Support Los Angeles Helpdesk managed and operated by responsive IT support technicians.

Cost Effective Resolutions For Los Angeles Businesses

BCT Consulting has an excellent reputation for cost effective troubleshooting. Most problems we encounter are solved within an hour because we’re committed to keeping your business fully functional at all times.

24/7 Responsiveness for a 24/7 City Like Los Angeles

Our certified IT technicians are trained and fully equipped to handle any emergency. They’re trained to troubleshoot and communicate with you through any emergency or problem.

Prioritized Communication

We prioritize communication so that you’re never left in the dark. After resolving a tech problem, our network engineers will stay in touch with you to verify the identification and resolution of your problem.

Enjoy a Free Consultation with our IT Support team in Los Angeles to See if BCT Consulting Would be a Good Fit For You.

BCT Consulting was founded in 1996 and has been helping people just like you with their Los Angeles IT support ever since. Our near perfect reputation and reviews are all thanks to the amazing technicians here at BCT Consulting. Their goal is to provide you with a turn-key IT Consulting, astounding customer support, and to answer the question “How can we help you best utilize your resources?”.

Los Angeles IT Support

Comprehensive Technical Infrastructures

Network infrastructure & support is only as good as the technical foundation that it’s built on. We craft network solutions from the ground up to ensure the most cost-effective solution to your tech needs.

IT Support Los Angeles

Information Technology Installation

Your Los Angeles IT Support will come with professional network installation to guarantee that your network, hardware, software and infrastructure are flawlessly crafted.

Los Angeles

IT Support With Project Management

You should be focused on your business, not on managing your IT Support Los Angeles team. We’ll manage your project from start to finish, keep you up to date on progress, and commit to giving you a stress free experience

Los Angeles IT Support Satisfied customers

Our goal is to provide services that meet or exceed your satisfaction 100% – because to us, 99% is a failure.

Los Angeles IT Service Catalog

IT Service Desk

Our Los Angeles IT Support comes with a 24/7 service desk that’s dedicated to quickly identifying your problems and offering a cost effective solution. Stop waiting around for an IT support team and start getting your problems resolved. BCT Consulting is here to support you with a fast and effective IT helpdesk.

Network Security

Cyber security is an important part of IT support. BCT Consulting will protect your business from malicious attacks to keep you, your business, your employees and your information safe from digital criminals.

State of the Art Computer Support

It’s time to put an end to your computer problems. Your Computer Support is integrated with the IT Service Desk to offer you effective troubleshooting and a timely resolution to your computer problems.

LAN/WAN Connectivity

LAN stands for local area networks and can be thought of as the network of computers in your office. BCT Consulting offers the most advanced LAN / WAN solutions for your business whether it’s on a local level or an enterprise level.

24/7/365 IT Technical Support

BCT Consulting has near perfect reviews for our Los Angeles IT Support. Rest easy knowing that your IT tech agents are available 24/7 to offer you a turnkey resolution experience. Our technicians focus on providing you with quick communication, identifying your problem, providing a cost-effective solution, and following up to make sure you don’t experience any additional problems.

Network Installation & VOIP Set Up

Cyber security is an important part of IT support. BCT Consulting will protect your business from malicious attacks to keep you, your business, your employees and your information safe from digital criminals.

Internet Monitoring and Filtering

Keep your company protected with internet monitoring and filtering. We’ll help you track what your internet is being used for so that you increase productivity, safety, and enforce company policy.

Disaster Recovery

A cyber disaster can quickly spiral out of control and cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars, tarnish your reputation and set your goals back by months. That’s why it’s important to have a disaster recovery team ready 24/7. Your new IT Support team will always to be ready to help you recover from any cyber disaster.


Our Los Angeles IT Support comes with a 24/7 service desk that’s dedicated to quickly identifying your problems and offering a cost effective solution. Stop waiting around for an IT support team and start getting your problems resolved. BCT Consulting is here to support you with a fast and effective IT helpdesk.

Remote Access

The BCT Consulting technicians are empowered with remote access to help troubleshoot your problems in a cost effective manner. If you're interested in getting started, make sure to contact us for It Support Los Angeles here.

What is a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP)?

A Managed IT Service Provider, commonly known as MSP is a company that proactively provides IT services through a subscription model.

What is the Difference Between Managed IT Services & IT Support?

The difference between Managed IT Support and regular IT Support is that when you work with a Managed IT Support company, they proactively work to identify and fix your problems. The advantage of working with a managed IT Service provider is that you maximize your uptime while reducing the amount of resources spent handling IT solutions. Regular IT companies do not operate in a pro-active way and that is the major difference.

How Much Does IT Support Cost in Los Angeles?

The cost of IT Support in Los Angeles will vary depending on the type of contract that you have. Typically, there are 3 types of IT Support contracts that include: a Managed IT Support service agreement, pre-paid hours of work and independent contractor hiring (more commonly known as break/fix).

Pricing is not surprising and follows most pricing models of receiving discounts for more work. For example, pre-paid hours will lead to a lower cost per hour, but you're paying a chunk in advance, while a Managed IT Support service agreement will be a monthly subscription and have the lowest per-hour cost.

The indepedent contractor model of IT Support works like this: You experience a problem or something breaks. Then you call an IT Support contractor who sends a contractor and fixes your problem. You are invoiced based on their rate and other expenses. The advantage is that you're not committing to a subscription nor paying an upfront chunk of cash in advance.

The disadvantage is that your business experiences maximum downtime as you're taking time to find an IT Support provider, and to fit into their schedule. Additionally, you are not being billed at a cost-effect hourly rate. Lastly if you're experiencing an emergency, the break/fix IT Support provider can easily double their rates to provide you with emergency serices.

Pre-paying for your IT Support in blocks troubleshoots a couple of problems. The first is that you already know who your IT Support provider is. The second is that you get a more cost effective solution as you will receive discounts on the hourly rate. However, the disadvantage is that you still experience downtime as the responsbility for identifying that a problem exists still falls on you.

The last option, which is becoming more common everyday, is known as Managed IT Services and is a monthly subscription. The exchange is that you receive superior services in exchange for a monthly commitment. Through the IT Support servie agreement, you receive the most cost-effective pricing as well as the fastest service.

With managed IT services, you will get an IT Support company that's constantly watching your networks and systems that maximizes uptime. While we can't speak for other IT Support companies, BCT Consulting's IT Support technicians proactively identify problems and troubleshoot them within the hour. The goal is to minimize the amount of time you have to spend managing your technology so you can maximize the time you spend running your business.

Should Small Businesses Outsource Their IT Support?

Every business will have different IT Support needs and thus there is no one right answer. Typically speaking, outsourcing your IT Support to a professional firm in Los Angeles will cost less than hiring an individual in-house IT Support technician. To help find the right answer, we encourage that you call BCT Consulting and set up a free consultation.

BCT Consulting Supports Technology in Los Angeles

 We're firm believers that the future is in technology. Los Angeles is known for it's many incredible IT Support opportunities and universities and we're here to support , technology education throughout Los Angeles. Below you will find four of the top schools for IT Support & Technology education in Los Angeles.

California State University, Los Angeles

Address: 5151 State University Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90032

Phone Number: (323) 343-3000

California State University, Los Angeles is located between East Los Angeles and North Los Angeles. Cal State LA is known for the upward mobility of it's students and is recognized for it's superior programs in the sciences, technology, engineering and humanities.

Compared to other technology education centers, California State University is under priced for the quality of education that it provides.

Despite being a state school, California State University, Los Angeles is ranked #27 for lowest acceptance rates making it a competitive place to study IT support and technology education.

BCT Consulting's founder, Eric Rawn, graduated from California State Univesity, Los Angeles' sister college in Fresno, Ca.



California Institute of Technology (CalTech)

Address: 1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125

Phone Number: (626) 395-6811

The California Institute of Technology, also known as CalTech, is an extremely prestigious school in the technology field having produced 32 Nobel Laureates over the last century. When it comes to studying technology, the California Institute of Technology has some of the most competitive programs with the lowest acceptance rates in California.


The California Institute of Technology is located just north east of Los Angeles, past California State University, Los Angeles, and in Pasadena. The drive from the California Institute of Technology to BCT Consulting in Los Angeles on a normal day is a quick 21 minute drive through the heart of Los Angeles.

Technology education is an important aspect of Managed IT Support, managed IT Services and consulting and BCT Consulting is here to help with it.




Los Angeles IT Service Catalog

IT Services for Law Firms

The legal industry in Los Angeles is thriving for the law firms that know how to capitilize on it. BCT Consulting - IT Support LA is here to help you grow by giving you the support you need. We work with some of the biggest law firms across California, providing them with website design for law firms, managed IT Support, and the unique technology they need to thrive. Call us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you.

IT Services for Medical Companies

Medical companies are some of the strictest regulations and compliance requirements in Los Angeles, California. BCT Consulting - IT Support LA is familiar with those and can help you maximize your technology uptime and grow the way you want.


IT Services for Financial Companies

Your clients want their data protected, and you want to grow. BCT Consulting is here to help by providing managed IT services for financial companies. Enjoy maximum up-time with our tech support and a 24/7/365 IT Helpdesk that keeps your business running. We handle the managed IT Services so you can focus on what matters: growing your business.








Managed IT Support for Hospitality Businesses

Hospitality and entertainment are at the heart of Los Angeles. We'll help your brand stand out by offering world technology support - maximizing your uptime, your client's data protection, and the ease at which you grow. BCT Consulting - IT Support Los Angeles is here to take care of technology so you can take care of the business. 

BCT Consulting
More Info

Get Los Angeles IT Support Without Any Hidden Fees, while having help desk support & support services

Long-term IT support service relationships are built on trust.

And we’re here to earn that by offering transparent pricing, no hidden fees, and by setting clear expectations.

BCT Consulting Los Angeles California Founder

LA IT Support & Help Desk Support

With BCT Consulting as your new IT service provider in Los Angeles, you’ll get all the tech support you need without any hassle and within you the budget you need it in. For a reasonable price, you'll get maximum uptime, minimum downtime, and the best computers services.

BCT Consulting Los Angeles IT Services Winner

Top Quality Los Angeles IT Support Services & Technical Consulting

By going the extra-mile for our customers, BCT Consulting has been selected as the #1 IT Service company in the Central Valley.

Our team is prepared 24/7/365 to handle any cyber emergency, technical challenge, or IT support request.

BCT Consulting Los Angeles

Stay Ahead of the Curve With Your Cyber Security, IT Support, and Help Desk SUpport in Los Angeles, California

Protecting your data from security risk and servers are essential to running a successful business in 2020. Get top quality cyber security to keep you, your business, and your employees protected from digital attacks and iaas breaches.

BCT Consulting Inc IT support Los Angeles

BCT Consulting in Los Angeles, Ca - Cloud Computing for Business in California

Responding to a cyber emergency quickly requires a dedicated and trained Los Angeles IT Support team protecting you. Enjoy our 24/7 IT Support Help Desk.

The Ultimate Help Desk for IT Support Services & Help Desk

Computer support and website designers

We’ll Keep Your IT Infrastructure Compliant and Up to Date With BCT Consulting's Los Angeles IT Support & California Business

Never worry about your digital infrastructure being compliant again. Through our 24/7 Helpdesk support we’re here to ensure that your networks, hardware, and servers are compliant with industry standards when you sign up with one our Los Angeles IT support team members.

BCT Consulting Los Angeles IT Support

IT Support Website & Help Desk Support Services Business California

Getting your network up to date with HIPAA, NIST and DFARS is straightforward, simple, and an area that BCT Consulting specializes in.

IT Support Company

Managed IT Support Services Los Angeles, Ca

What’s the difference between managed IT Support and IT Services?

Put simply, it’s how regular Los Angeles IT Support and Managed IT Support Los Angeles handle IT service requests.

Los Angeles Website Design

IT Support LA With Concierge Help Desk Support

Regular IT Support & help desk supports react to situations when you report problems with your systems. Managed IT Services in Los Angeles operates completely differently by proactively monitoring your systems for changes and actively detecting breaches.

IT Support Los Angeles

Technical Support Services Paired With Robust Help Desk Support

Think of IT Support as a reactive fixer, where as managed it services are preventing problems all together (and of course, fixing a tech problem if one does come up.

website designers BCT Consulting

IT Support Services

Rated the Best Managed IT Support Los Angeles

Bct Consulting has been rated the top rated IT Support company in the central valley by The Business Journal.

Los Angeles IT Consulting & IT Support

BCT Consulting, a managed service provider of innovative and cost-effective technology solutions for businesses, non-profits, education, government entities, and other organizations throughout California. Since 1996 BCT has provided their clients with tech support, website design, search engine optimization, data forensics and cabling, Internet-based phone service, web-based application, and mobile application development.

IT Support Services Los Angeles

The BCT Consulting Los Angeles team and their 24/7 IT Support Help Desk have have received numerous awards throughout the years but is recently celebrating their number one in “Best Technology Company” awarded by The Business Journal’s “2018 Best of Central Valley Business”. For the past five years The Business Journal has allowed readers to vote in 35 categories for their favorite businesses in the Central Valley. Within six weeks 150,000 votes were cast and the winners were announced Monday night at Ruth’s Chris Steak House where more than 120 representatives gathered anxiously awaiting the results.

IT Support & Technical Solutions Los Angeles

BCT Consulting Inc. with their IT Support and Help Desk are celebrating their Inc. 5000 Honor for nine years in a row. Inc. 5000 annually ranks the fastest-growing private companies in America. The recent honors for BCT Consulting Inc. show how the once single person technology consulting firm has grown to over 50 employees and has successfully served the Central Valley’s technology needs.

Contact BCT Consulting Today For IT Support Los Angeles & Help Desk Support SErvices

Los Angeles IT Support

Our IT Support &Cybersecurity Services in Los Angeles Are Delivered To You Through a 24/7 Helpdesk
Los Angeles IT Support & Help Desk
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