Bracing for the Storm: Is Your Business Ready for Unexpected Weather Shutdowns?


FRESNO, California – Cody Sarhan, Communications Specialist

As winter sets in and the summer months approach, businesses face a season not just of chaotic weather, but of increased risk to their digital infrastructure. For companies who rely on constant uptime and immediate access to their company data and systems, these months of extreme temperatures can be a time of heightened vulnerability.

“One of the most noticeable losses caused by a widespread power outage is the loss of customers. A power outage means customers may be unable to make contact with a business or obtain needed services.”Adam Miller, Aegis Insurance & Financial Services

Power outages, severe weather events, and the ensuing disruptions are not just possibilities; they are realities that can freeze operations and impact the bottom line. In February of last year, 85,000 homes and businesses were without power in Los Angeles, due to an unexpected winter storm. Don’t let that be your business this coming February. Recognizing the critical need for robust disaster recovery solutions, data backup, and cloud computing solutions to combat these threats is as crucial as currency for any business, especially small businesses.

Uptime is synonymous with business continuity, preparing for winter’s unpredictability is both paramount and essential for any business to stay protected from unexpected outages. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is a strategic imperative for businesses, allowing you to weather any storm, wildfire, or outage that may come.

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How Your Business Can Weather the Storms

When unpredictable weather events happen or natural disasters occur — be it a wildfire, storms, or just an unexpected blackout — they bring potential havoc to your digital landscape. FEMA’s data paints a chilling picture: extended power outages, communication breakdowns, and operational disruptions are common winter woes. In California, a state that is notoriously unprepared for the rising increase in winter weather events, the importance of a disaster recovery plan is underscored even more.

Disaster Recovery: Your Business’s Rescue

Think of disaster recovery solutions as your business’s rescue plan, clearing the path for continued operations, no matter how unpredictable the weather. BCT Consulting’s data protection services are like having an all-terrain, all-weather rescue team, ensuring that your business can weather any storm. 

Cloud networking solutions provide a resilient, secure shelter for your data and digital assets — it’s safe, secure, and accessible, no matter how bad things get. Your data is secured off-site, far away from the danger that threatens it.

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The Economics of Hibernation vs. Action

Investing in disaster recovery isn’t just about staying proactive; it’s about staying solvent. It’s the difference between being a casualty and a survivor in the face of devastating events.

BCT Consulting’s suite of data protection and cloud networking solutions is your business’s sword and shield against increasingly unpredictable weather events. Investing in these solutions is an act of foresight that will keep your business thriving, and staying ahead of the competition.

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Cody Sarhan | Communications Specialist, Xobee Networks

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